Details Of Glam

Fushia Baby Doll Dress

My Favorite Lil Dress

If I had to pick a favorite dress it would definitely be this fushia baby doll one.

It’s that one dress that I try not to wear often because it is such a bright color. I’ll be noticeable anyways if I wore it frequently 🙂  Every now and then when I put it on I still feel beautiful wearing it 🌸

Pretty much to the point where I need to go ahead and find something else. In this exact cut and style. Everything about it has been perfect for my body. Everyone has seen me in it and knows I love it!

My favorite details about this dress is that it is sheer with a satin lining. It has an empire waist. A sleek v neckline that can be played with. Fushia is a such a bright and vibrant shade. Almost as magnificent and magenta hair.

Paired with a shawl. Gold sequins of course.

Do you have a favorite accessory or outfit that you always find yourself wanting to pick?

Thanks for reading <3


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