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Healthy Eating For The Holidays

12 Tips For Watching Weight 

Christmas is next week so this may be just in time! Here are some healthy eating habits that will be beneficial year round.  They are super easy.

Portion Size – Say no to  second helpings. Going the whole day without eating so you can pig out later is not going to help either. I learned that through experience 🙂

Processed Foods –  Eat less or none!  It’s easy to rely on processed foods around the holidays because everyone so busy. If you’re watching your weight and calories. These won’t help they contain a lot of excess sugar and unhealthy fats. 

Drinks –  Here are a few alternatives and forever your drink besides using sugar.Consider these healthy substitutions:

Swap sugar for these 
  • Sparkling waters or a Club soda
  • Using Citrus from a lemon or lime
  • For coffee or chocolate drinks try to a low fat or skim milk

Calories – If you are preparing a holiday meal. Look for where you can cut back on the calories with a substitution. With baking sometimes the sugar can be swapped for apple sauce.

Smaller Quantities – For potlucks and family get together’s I noticed having smaller plates people tend to waste less. They will have less on their plate.  If they would like more that’s fine. With larger plates we grab more than we need and end up throwing the rest away. 

Snack Healthier –  Try keeping around nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.  Things that don’t contain a lot of added sugars.  If you like power food that’s even better!

Stress Levels –  Be aware of how you are coping with your stress. Junk food is what most of us tend to eat.  

Get Enough Sleep – 8 Hours of snoozing. Beauty rest really is a must. 

Fiber –  Just recently I learned that fiber induces fullness.  Around the holiday’s meals tend to lack fiber. If you are going to be bringing a entree to party try incorporate fiber in it. Quinoa bowls are a good idea. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself though. You can always make going to the gym your New Year’s resolution☺️😂

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