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What are Touchless Transactions

A song has been brewing! My new single Touchless Transactions has dropped. Super excited it’s now streaming on all platforms, Apple Music and Spotify!

Now Streaming on Pandora

Touch less transactions are the confessions of finessing. I’ll use that term loosely. It’s really up for interpretation. It was a fun experience to write the song verses and chorus. They changed over time but eventually you’re able to see where your heading. In as far as what sound you’re trying to accomplish.

The song mentions today’s world of Touchless Transactions. With the use of modern day money transfer apps like cash app, Apple Pay, PayPal and many more. The song will take you on a journey of lavish or scary lifestyle.

There’s some really neat music notepads. They allow you to put your lyrics done and insert voice or sound. A very handy tool! Do some rough drafts and practice it out.

When it comes to recording the song I really recommend a studio. For more obvious reasons then the finished product and quality. Their experience in sound engineering is what brings your music to live. I really enjoyed working with SOS productions.

You want to work with a company and individual that you can be yourself with. It’ll come through your work. They were very professional and offer additional helpful resources. A added bonus was how quick they are.

Once the song was remasters and cut it was time to get it streamed. Working with the biggest and best distributors is worth the time. Unless your a signed artist you’ll need one.

My team had a release party once the song was live. It’s always a rush to see people’s live response of your work. Their first reaction of was priceless!

The photo shoot was amazing photos turned out great. A little cheeky and fun. Still captures turned out nice in black and white. It was a rainy and windy day and all was able to be captured.



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