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Striped Jumpsuits = EASY

Fast & Cute Outfit Alert

This is one of those outfits when you were having a crazy morning. At least you know this will go right. Every now and then I pick my work clothes out at night. I usually wing it in the morning.

Who does not want a smoother morning? Especially when you’re running late and just need to get out the door!

I wore this jumpsuit to work and I got so many compliments. I thought I would share it. Jumpsuits are such a fun and easy way to wear a different outfit. This one was available in a few different colors. I chose to go with it navy blue & white.

My favorite thing about it is how comfortable it was to wear. Something to put on when you want to look chic and comfy.

Material is very breathable I bought this in the spring. Now that it has gotten warmer it still has been very comfortable this summer.

Vertical stripes are a ladies best friend. They help the figure by looking more narrow and slim.

Price is always a bonus. This jumpsuit was only $22 on sale at Macy’s.

Do you like wearing one piece outfits like rompers body suits and jumpsuits?

Thanks for reading I hope you are all enjoying your summer thus far



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