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Yoga Stripes & Crop Tops

Yoga At Home

YouTube yoga is my go to lately.  People tend to think that it is very hard if you are not flexible. With yoga you eventually become flexible,  But you do at a slower pace.

These navy blue meshed pants are pretty nice. They are super easy to bend and use while doing all of the strenuous yoga poses.

The sides are see-through. Showing a little bit of skin. The top is a yoga crop. Went well together because the arm of the shirt is open and shows some skin.

I got this yoga set is from Target. I picked it up in the junior athletic section. They did have the same style in women’s

This is the yoga mat I got from LOLE. They sell them in variety colors. I chose the ocean blue. They are 30% lighter than most yoga mats for on the go. They still have 100% of the grip and cushion.

Also reversible and recyclable! They don’t contain PVC or latex either. Environment friendly is the way to go. LOLE stands for “Live out loud everyday”

I love their motto. The mat does come with an adjustable carrying strap.

My son likes to watch me do yoga and participate. It keeps it pretty busy and I love how hard he tries. We enjoy watching and participating with Adriene.

Her classes are easy to follow along to. She has different levels to choose from also. Try her free 30 days of yoga.

What are ways you like to relax and stay active at home?

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