Details Of Glam

Elevated and positive thoughts

Happy fall!

Lets pause and reflect over how fast summer went😲

I love to go hiking and climb to the highest point. I’ll stop daydream and appreciate the view. I don’t often climb to my roof and enjoy the beautiful view. Or to weird out my neighbors.

But on this day that’s just what we did! It was super early in the morning. Very still peaceful.

The purpose was to capture a photo with the Wasatch mountain view. While there we started to talk and lost track of how high up we were.

Have you ever lost track of time in conversation? So deeply invested in the exciting story! Holding on to every would word, Imagining the sequence of events in your head. Those always the best convos.

This yoga set is made by Aramark.  When I first wore this I got a lot of compliments on unique color. My favorite things about this outfit would how comfy & cute it is. The back is very open. You’ll want a colorful tank or sports bra under that matches the straps.

Thanks for reading <3


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