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Chilling In A Tank Dress- Simple Style

Simple & Stylish

Bonus it’s very comfortable

Tank Dress

Diesel and his sweet smile.

Hello Friends!

This is a day of walking around and exploring downtown Salt Lake. The weather is still warm so this perfect to chill and be without a jacket. It’s always fun to get out and explore areas and locations you have never visited before. Truthfully there are so many right where we live. We don’t always have to travel as far to find hidden local gems.

The Hillstorm Library has a bright and bold mural painting on the side of the building. It reads “Abolish The Wage System.”  With red background on the  photo of Steve (aka Joe) Hillstrom, Who was murdered by the capitalist class 100 years ago. Now I can’t say I knew anything about this piece of history before I saw the beautiful mural.

Joe Hill Mural

The artist behind this beautiful piece of art are Josh and Heidi Belka. So of course when prancing around in this cute little dress one must stop and pay some appreciation to this piece of art. Street art and wall art are also great ways to support local artist. One of their tribute painting have already been destructed and painted over. It’s a subject that causes controversy.

This little red dress is tank top inspired. It is a simple dress that’s easy to throw on and go. The fabric is 100% cotton so it doesn’t cling to your skin it stays in place.  I matched it with some gladiator sandals. I actually bought the style dress in two different colors from Target. Sometimes I like to put a loose-fitting blouse over them. Making them look like a cute little skirt.

Sleeveless red dress

That cute face in the photo with me as my little guy named Diesel❤️ He just turned 4 and enjoyed taking this walk and exploring also! All looks can be seen on Instagram <3

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