Details Of Glam

💜 Peekaboo majestic purple and black raven🖤

Let’s just say these two hair colors met and the rest is history.  This hair color painting pattern is awesome for people who don’t want a full on loud ass color.  To achieve this look the top layers of your hair will remain the same the magic is underneath🔮 Creating a cool and subtle mixture when the hair is in motion. 

When installing the extensions starting from the bottom insert one of your hair color. In this case she has black hair. Then on top of that the purple extensions are inserted and on top another black one. Repeating until reaching close to the crown of the head, from here on your adding only your hair color. This is a full extension job. So it’s about 3 bundles of Remy Brazilian hair.  This process does work with clip ins as well.

One good think about colored extensions is that the color doesn’t wash out as fast as it would your own hair. Causing less damage to your natural hair. Which is what we all want. 😘

This is Natalia she’s all about the purple life and she  is our hair color specialist.  She can be reached on our instgram 😍

Hope everyone is having a good ole day. Xoxoxo


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