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The braids add texture to the hair that is tied back.

No Time In The Mornings

This is an easy DIY hair tutorial it is the braided crown. I always like to have a different hairstyle in the mornings but after I get my daughter ready for school and do my hair it’s usually a quick brush little bit of styling or and a ponytail. If time has really gotten away from me it’s a hat and run. As long as she looks good though right?

I do wear hair extensions so if it’s a straight type I usually just brush the hair down and part it. Which is boring after a couple days the need for something different peaks.

This is the style that looks Like it requires more effort than it really does. You need to part your hair and grab two sections towards the front. Break both of those sections into two braids. Leave them on top of each other and tied them back with the clip.

He’s are some cute little gold moon hair clips. Just a small detail that makes a glam difference.

If you need more instructions on how to do this braided crown style it can be seen on our YouTube channel.  For more hairstyles be sure to subscribe.

In this tutorial I am wearing a Oriental Orchid Flower dress. It’s got a tribal pattern theme and it’s a two layered dress.

It’s a balloon dress style So it’s not tight at all. When wearing it, It will look very flowing and loose fitting.


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