Details Of Glam

Breezy πŸ’¨ wavy 🌊 Long Hair πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ͺΒ 

I got spring fever! With spring around the corner, I wanted to experiment with hair types.

 The Peruvian Remy unprocessed human hair is the best hair to wear when dealing with lots of moisture and humidity.  This hair comes naturally “straight” it has a bit of a wave to it.  It definitely has that wavy breezy look to it. This hair can also be straightened to a bone straight look.  For a full head of hair 3 bundles is more then enough.  If your interested in trying this hair texture and style, you want to make sure your buying 100% unprocessed Peruvian  human hair.

In this picture taken by Tarquin. The lengths are 16″,18″,20″. When wanting a layered look, buy your bundles in different lengths. Longest at the bottom working your way up to the shortest bundle.  What better option to enjoy yourself without worrying about hair frizz😍😍😍


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