Details Of Glam

Bright Changes: Magenta Hair

What are ways you like to change or express yourself?

Have you ever done such an extravagant hair color? Magenta it is a very bright and vibrant color. It’s not for one who doesn’t want to be easily noticed.

I chose to go with an arm brace since my roots are dark black. The roots were a little bit shorter than I would’ve liked to be. But we made it work!

This color is in the unicorn color addition at glam up. I really loved how it looked in the sunlight because there’s different undertones of pink and they go together so well.

At this time in my life I was facing a lot of changes with moving transitions. I wanted a hair color I had never tried before. And Magenta said hello to me.

Hair is our crown it’s a representation of us. How we style it and the colors we choose all represent who we are.

These pics are me and my son looking at 3-D house plan. Remodeling or building The house can be fun or a lot of work I guess it depends how you look at it right?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day <3


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