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Hair Care Tips To Protect Your Locks During The Summer

Easy Summer Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

Before and after

It’s summer time so that means you should get out of the house and enjoy nature, or a public swimming pool!  Salt water can bleach your hair  and pool water strips the hair of moisture. Swimming is the best way to stay cool in the heat outside, also while burning some calories!

Here’s some before and after swimming tips

It is recommended to rinse your hair thoroughly before you hit the pool. Wet hair is less likely to absorb water from the pool. Add a protective layer of coconut oil. This really does help if your care is recently color treated or if you just have dry hair. Apply a small amount of coconut oil. Make sure to get the ends of your hair before wetting yours.  Jojoba oil is o protective layer that keeps salt out.

Hair sprays also protect your hair color from fading away.

Wear a swimming cap

The cap keeps your hair dry and away from all the chemicals. It is a smart way to maintain healthy hair while swimming. Here are some cute styled ones that are more up to fashion for 2018.

After Swimming

Shampoo your hair right after your finished swimming. Chlorine sticks to the hair the longer it’s left on. The shampoo you use every day may not get rid of all the chemicals in pool water. Try an anti-chlorine shampoo followed by a leave-in conditioner.

Use a wide tooth comb, Not a brush

I recently tried some home remedies to naturally remove chlorine and this is my favorite is. Mix the following ingredients in a bottle that can be squeezed. Apply from roots to the ends of hair and let it sit on your hair at least 5 minutes before its rinsed out.

Apple Cider Vinegar Wash:

  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 4 cups water
  • A squeeze bottle

If you have been wanting to make your own beach wave spray add the following in a spray bottle and slay.