Details Of Glam

How the hell do I put these in my hair? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Don’t fret over it we’re going to break it down for you real fast!

Over the last few months that’s a question that we hear often. They really are very easy once you get the hang of it. Sets can come in as many as 10 pieces which can be overwhelming if it’s your first time trying. So here we go. Starting with washed and dried hair. If your extension texture is straight, you will want to run a flat iron through your hair.

  • Section off hair and start from the bottom.
  • Once hair is tied away use a thin toothed comb to back comb the hair at the roots making it easy for the clip ins to grasp the hair. 
  • The very bottom you will want to use one of the smaller wefts they fit nice and snug

  • Working your way up you will have a wider weft of hair those fit the best approaching the crown of your head 
  • The clips snap open and closed. Snap them open and place them with the combs where you want them. Slide down and snap closed. 
  • Working your way to the top you will have some smaller pieces, these are for the side or if you want a side bang. 
  • This set of clip ins has 8 pieces and they are pretty thick. This babe  has a lot of hair but it’s not the thickest.

And just like that your ready to style your hair and slay😊 

Hopes this helps and as always practice makes perfect!!


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