Details Of Glam

Salon Day Attire – Hat Day

Walk In With A Hat On

Walk out like a SUPASTAR

Let’s just say the salon has always been like a second home to me since I was a baby. My mom never really missed a monthly appointment.

Since she was a busy mom that meant me and my sister went right with her. Exciting I know.

We learned to bring toys and books to keep ourselves entertained because we knew it would take time. Why? Because in Utah finding a hair stylist that is experienced with ethnic hair was not an easy task.

So that meant we had to travel further to Salt Lake City where there is more of an abundance of diversified stylist. Once your find one you like she’s stuck with you for life pretty much.

Once I was old enough to start getting my hair done, I was hooked.  Now getting your hair done is going to cost you some coin.

So I was really happy when I got a job at the salon as a teenager. The perks were earning some extra cash and always having my hair done.

The best thing about leaving the salon is feeling lighter and better about yourself.  There is seeing a customer get out the chair and check her hair out.

If she loves it you can see it in her face. She will walk out feeling more beautiful and confident.

When you’re a busy mom taking care of everybody else sometimes it’s easy to put yourself on the back burner.

Every once in a while it’s good to treat yourself.

Look at it this way you have to feel good physically and mentally before you can take care of anyone else!

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