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What to Know About Tape-in Hair Extensions

Semi permanent or temporary hair extensions?

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We’re here today to answer some of the most common questions about tape- ins. There are a few different hair extension types. They will either be semi permanent or temporary. Tape-in extensions are semi permanent, So you will not need to put them in every day.

Q.How many pieces are in each package?

A. A package will normally have 20 pieces

Q. How many packages to do a full head?

A. 2-4 packages are recommended to do a full head. Depending on how thick your hair is.

Q. How are they installed?

A. Tape-ins are installed sandwiching the hair in between 2 wefts. So if you have a pack of 20 tape-ins, You have 10 sandwiches. Application time is 1-2 hours. 

Remy Tape-in Hair extension Chocolate brown Glam Up

Q. What are the strips made of?

A. The top of the strips are made of polyurethane adhesive .The tape can also be removed and replaced.

Q. How long do they last?

A. Up to two months and they can be moved up when needed. If you have a good brand of hair they can be reinstalled up to three times.

Q.  Will they cause any damage to my hair?

A. They can be removed easily with out any damage to your natural hair when properly taken out with a wig or glue remover.

Q. Will they be detected or easily exposed?

A. The top of the tape-in that is attached to your hair is very thin and invisible for that reason.

Remy Tape-in Hair Extensions  #4 Chocolate brown. Glam Up

Q. How long will you need to wait to wash your hair after getting them installed?

A. Wait at least 2 days to wash, They need to be given time to let the polyurethane adhesive adhere to your hair.

We hope this information is useful, When deciding if these are the right type of extensions for you.


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