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A Trench Coat That Is Both Chic & Stylish – Fall Coats


Hello lovelies,

Well it’s officially fall now and Coat season weather is creeping up on us. I am definitely hoping the transition into fall and winter is slow like it should!

That is definitely some positive though. By Halloween it could be a blizzard town or a typical fall day. So with that being said There is no better reason then to find the most stylish jacket since you need one anyways.

This is a trench coat I picked up from Target and it’s my absolute favorite. It’s lightweight and the ruffles really add some style to it whether you wear with a dress and some heels or some leggings.

The color is definitely vibrant and the over sized black buttons tone it down a little. This jacket also does have the belt loop and a belt (That I lost already lol)

If you are into more neutral or plain colors they do come in black, gray, brown and white.

Exterior is cotton and the interior is lined with polyester. So medium warmth.

This trench coat does have some details at the end adding some extra glam to it. What’s your favorite style of trench coats?


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