Details Of Glam

Classy Lil Red Dress & Sparkly Shawl

Hello friends,

My mom has a good eye for fashion, Guess a little bit rubbed off on me. She picked this dress up for me while at Dillard’s , For a big family reunion! This was a three-day event. 

She knew I would just wear whatever was in my closet. She wanted me to wear something “New, New”

These were family members that we haven’t seen for 10-20 years.  Everyone wanted to look their very best. Who knows when we will see each other again.

This would also look cute with some wedge heels. I went the safe route! I found some cute bedazzled sandals.

 This sassy dress is definitely longer than the dresses I normally wear. The Style and cut of the dress starts off narrow. At the top it begins to widen towards the bottom making it feel elegant.

Gianni Bini That’s perfect for warmer weather it’s 100% polyester and is the very breathable! Which was nice since there were a lot of outside activities. It was definitely a fun time.

Have you been to a family reunion lately? 

Thanks for reading <3


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