Details Of Glam

Leopard Obsession or something like that

Do you have a favorite pattern?

 I definitely get made fun of for indulging in my love for animal print. It doesn’t stop at just clothes. I’ll take a hairbrush, car seat covers, a calculator even a wallet with leopard print. I mean a girl can never have too many accessories, Right?

This isn’t a lil short lived trend for me. I just recently I started finding stuff from years and years ago. I realized I been a fan since forever. Leopard is not for everyone. Some like it but think it’s a bold statement.

Here are my top 4 tips I have learned with wearing animal print.

  1. Wear 1 piece only
  2. Stick to the natural color of the animal print
  3. Break it up with a bold color
  4. Easy & simple

What’s your animal spirit? Express yourself🦓🦜🐩🦚🐆🦄j

Thanks for reading <3


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