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đź–¤Horizontal Stripped Blazers – Black & White

Boots N Blazers

Street style to casual business


This is an easy outfit idea. It  looks chic and with very little effort. Fall is here and beautiful as ever!

It’s officially coat season blazers and trench coats are my favorite styles. They do a great job of dressing up any outfit.

This blazer is striped black and white and I love it! A bonus is it has working pockets. I have worn a few with fake pockets.

It’s the small things right? I’m sure a couple of fruit snacks will fit for later.

We all know horizontal stripes are more figure flattering. If you were to wear a vertical stripes they will make you look wider.

A good thing about vertical stripes is that they do elongate the figure

A tip for wearing horizontal black and white stripes is to add a bold color for contrasting. Today it was royal blue.

Accessories should be black for a bigger statement. I chose a silver necklace and blue accent earrings.

For the pants I chose black skinny jeans. Denim or white would also look great.

Surprisingly very comfortable

For the shoes it’s boot season so high heel boots is a winner.

You can also rock it with some higher boots. It would give it more of an edgy look.

Matte Black High Heel Boots

This outfit falls somewhere under business casual with some touches of glam.

The heels of these boots are encrusted with black crystals giving it a glittering dazzle when the sun hits them.💫

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