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Hello There!

This top has some style and it’s a satin peekaboo choker top! This is a date night outfit for sure. Seems like with life and kids date nights happen sporadically. More often then not we go out as a family somewhere kid friendly, So this shirt has been collecting dust. Across the top collar it has three rows of silver square studs.  I like to wear necklaces but with this top it’s not needed.

 The skirt is a rouche pencil skirt.

This is actually my favorite skirt I love it because it’s very flattering to my body type makes me feel very thin. The best part about it is that you can have it at different lengths it can go all the ways past your knees if you want!

When doing so it wouldn’t change the way you war it or how it felt and you. I’ve worn it countless times on different occasions for work obviously a little longer. This can be paired with a tighter shirt or a loose shirt.

I posted this outfit on Instagram and got a lot of feedback. If you are more of a modest dresser then this top isn’t a good fit. It is a peek a boo style and they all do you have a opening at the chest. There are styles where the opening isn’t as wide as this top.

Details Of Glam 


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