Details Of Glam

A Dressy Romper With Hot Pink Feather Earrings <3

Is it A Dress?

Or A Romper?


Hello lovelies

When is the best season to organize? Asking for myself.  The more I go through my closet. I think it’s fair to say that I have a safe and healthy obsession with Target. This could also be my way justifying buying more than what I need.

Now with that being said when I go shopping,  I’m looking for some deals!  As a parent sometimes we put ourselves last or go without for our children. When a girl finds a cute outfit that’s on sale it’s a glamorous win.

This is a spaghetti strap romper. It has a very dressy look to it. At the same time it’s comfortable enough just to go to the amusement park or something like that. The reason why it looks dressy is because the top of the romper has a layer that hangs down.

The top layer is sheer. It’s a good fabric to wear in warmer weather. The base color of this romper is navy blue pattern does have subtle purple & silver undertones. The accent color being a pastel green on the flowers.

For this look I picked some pointy navy blue and silver toed heels.

I love an accessory that is a showstopper and that would be these hot pink fuchsia Pocahontas feather earrings! They are long and dramatic perfect for a simple outfit.

Do you like rompers with straps? This look can also be altered to a professional look with adding a thin cardigan. It’s the small details that really count.

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone is enjoying fall.


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