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Gold Sequins & Satin Tops- Holiday Outifits

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~All Dress No Play~


This is an outfit I wore for a Thanksgiving party and I got several compliments on it. So I thought I would share it <3

The skirt is cream-white with gold sequins.  It’s pretty flashy but not with an overpowering bling.

The interior of the skirt is lined with satin so its super comfy! It’s like another layer between your skin and the sequins.

The waist is an elastic stretchy band. A belt won’t be needed. I have also worn this with a tucked in shirt or a body suit top.

But this time I chose a black button up satin shirt.  The skirt is its own little fashion statement. Black or cream does a great job of balancing the look.

The shoes are Tuxedo Bow heels. They are the peekaboo style. Thankfully there wasn’t snow on the ground yet.

Accessories a crystal chandelier necklace and crystal encrusted band.

Fashion accessories

In my hand is my new favorite hair accessory. When your first see them you will think they are cute just by how they are designed.

Lollipop Hair Ties

They are hair accessories. You can never have too many right?!

Mostly they are kept on your wrist until you need to pull your hair up, But they always seem to disappear.

This cute little lollipop band is a bunch of colorful hair ties wrapped together!  They are easy to store and to keep track of.

If you did happen to get a holiday break, I hope you enjoyed it! I certainly ate a fair amount of sweets but sugar cookies are my jam!

Thanks for reading <3


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