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Tangerine & Black Striped Dress

Say Cheese!

Family Reunion Day 

Hello friends

A girl loves the horizontal striped dress doesn’t she! You know what they say horizontal lines are more flattering to our body.

I absolutely love dresses just because they’re comfortable. That really is the deciding factor to be more free not so confined in pants.

I picked the dress up from Target because this bright pomegranate and black was calling my name. It’s a two layered dress the inner layer is up than polyester lining.

The top layer that has the stripes Is polyester and the stripes are mesh black. 

The stripes add the details with their texture. So they are super breathable and comfortable. 

This was the day to dress at the family reunion. We dined in and had a banquet dinner and family speeches. 

The collar of my dress comes up pretty high so there was really no need for a necklace. A longer one would look cute if you wanted to put one. 

I paired this initially with some black shiny heels. I brought back up shoes that were just as cute though and they are Sam silver studded black moccasin


Accessories them sterling silver or Opaque jeweled hoops. A beautiful $10 tennis bracelet! The small details really did help make the outfit.

Target -Exhilaration brand

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