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What we have here is a collection  of photos taken at the Lagoon amusement park in Utah.

It’s no Disneyland but its good fun for the family.

We got season passes this summer. If you go just twice it pays for itself!

They also do sell single day passes.

The lagoon amusement park is a fun place to go to in the summer. They also have the Lagoon- a beach which is a water Park.

Full of slides and of the lazy river to float around.

I used to go there as a kid so much. It gets funnier every year because they’re always adding new rides and attractions.

Frightmares is definitely something fun to do with kids because it’s Halloween themed.

If you’ve got younger kids they can hang out in the kiddie land with rights designed for their ages. The older ones can hit up the roller coasters

All the spookiness starts the end of September.

There you will find a few haunted houses.  Employees all dressed up in scary costumes playing their part.

They close on Halloween so if you haven’t visited them get you have until next summer!

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